Welcome to Draconia On-Line 2020 site – the guidebook to sunny Principality of Draconia, land of joys and abundance, lard and honey streaming country, our happy homeland that stands against the mad reality.

The website is in Polish. You can try to Google translate it but… only at your own risk! Nevertheless we believe no one is reading web pages anymore so jus a few words of summary below and otherwise pictures we have here should be enough to get to know us if you want to. Anything more you need – send us a message through Facebook (links below) or the ancient crafts of email (see Kontakt menu for it) – we’ll be happy to answer.

Wiec (2013)

The principality of Draconia the Dark is an organisation created by people fascinated with medieval history and culture, involved in the so-called „living history reenactment”. By practically making and otherwise creating the vestments, household utensils, arms and armour and all the other elements of material culture of people from the given period, we aim at getting to know their lifestyle by simply experiencing it ourselves. However, our reenactment is not limited to material culture only. Our Principlaity has been organised as a micro-scale community based on medieval feudal principles, as we have decided that a tiny bit of the 'getting involved', roleplaying-like feeling would add to the flavour of our pastime.

Czersk 2018

The beginnings of our organisation date back to the year of our Lord 1992. The Principality of Draconia the Black has been spawned in November 1999 by Smocza Kompania. Since June 2001 the Principality has been acting as an independent structure. It thrives (or just survives) since, and it seems it will never end even if because we got used to it being there…

Dymarki Świętokrzyskie 2015

We are currently running three different projects as we are interested in more than one historical period. All of them though are more or less based within boundaries of today’s Masovia land:

Principality of Draconia

The X-XI century Principality located somewhere in western Slavonic lands. Main inspiration for it now is Dux Polonia, and later the first king of Poland Boleslav Chrobry’s state.

Comes Gotard of Sluzev

Second half of XIIIth century on Masovia, to be more exact Sluzev that nowadays is a neighbourhood of Warsaw. The renowned knight was living here, friend to Prince of Masovia and we aim to role-play him and his entourage.

Wurmiz – Vandal warband

It is IInd century AD, phase B2b to be more exact, and it is all about Germanic warriors and tribes here in Masovia. We base this project on archaeological findings of Przeworsk culture.

And all this is not our last word!

Anyway, thank you for visiting us and reading so far. Watch some pictures now, laugh at Google translations if you want, enjoy and as mentioned before if you want to get in contact do not hesitate to write!